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Vist our Medical Marijuana Center

Open Daily 10am till 7pm


Have questions about medical cannabis and how it may help you?  Let our team answer your questions.


Want to start your own cannabis garden?  If so, we have a supply of medical marijujana grade clones available.

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The Herb Shoppe offers a wide variety of cannabis products such as cured flower, oils, waxes, tinctures and shatter.

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Speak with a licensed professional bud tender today and find out if medical marijuana is right for you.

Welcome to the Herb Shoppe

Check out our membership benefits online and stop by in person to see the latest and greatest selection of medical marijuana on the West side of Colorado Springs.

Herb Shoppe Membership Benefits

* 25% Off Everything!

excluding clones/seeds

* Birthday Gram on Your Birthday!​​​​​​​

* Annual Renewal Reminder!

Our Products 

everything we grow - we grow it for you!

Regardless of who you are - our cannabis grows for you.  Using all natural grow techniques, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of medical grade marijuana blends and flavors.

Are you looking for the latest high grade and potent pain relief products?  If so, you may want to try our line of fesh waxes and shatter.  Enjoy high strength relief without the high cost.

Oils and tinctures are back.  After over 80 years of prohibition, cannabis extracts and tinctures are available for patients in Colorado.  Find the right options for you at the Herb Shoppe.

Do I qualify for Medical Marijuana?

To qualify for medical marijuana, you must be a Colorado resident and have a valid photo ID.

Some of the qualifiying conditions in Colorado are severe pain; ptsd; cachexia; seizures, nausea; epilepsy; multiple sclerosis;  cancer; or persistent muscle spasm. 

To qualify for medical marijuana, you must have a recommendation from a licensed CO MD or DO.

2 forms are required to process your recommendation: an MD's recommendation and a patient application submitted to the CDPHE.  The annual fee for registration is only $15.

Real People & Real Stories


" The Flower here is by far some of the best I have ever had. The Staff is BEYOND great and willing to help with any questions you may have. Its always clean and very welcoming. I will be returning!! "