MMJ Sativa Strains
Sativa: more stimulating, stimulates appetite, reduces depression, migraines, pain and nausea.
MMJ Indica Strains
Indica: more relaxing, reduces anxiety, pain, nausea, stimulates appetite, helps to sleep, reduces muscle spasms and tremors.
MMJ Clones
Want to grow your own? The Herb Shoppe offers high-quality strain specific medical marijuana clones. Pre order and insure the best start to your home garden.
MMJ Edibles
Marijuana edibles are powerful and offer smokeless pain relief for hours. View our complete cannabis edibles menu.

Our MMJ Strains

The Herb Shoppe offers a large selection of remarkable medical marijuana strains. Quantity may vary based on supply and demand.

Sativas Indicas
Carnival Blueberry Diesel
Cinderella 99
Blue Cheese
The Church
Blue Mystic
Jack 47
Big Bud
Jack Flash
Cole Train
Maui Wowie
MTF Grape Kush
Northern Flame
Kings Kush
Power Africa
Razzle Dazzle
Pinapple Express
Strawberry D-Lite
Skunk #1
Strawberry Blue
Shiva Skunk
Super Lemon Haze
Sour Diesel
Sweet Tooth
Vanilla Kush
White Chocolate
Banana Kush
Trainwreck Big Bang
Lemon Skunk
Lavender Kush
Juicy Fruit Orange Kush
Jedi 41  
Golden Goat  
Durban Poison  

Medical Marijuana Clones

Check out our selection of medical marijuana clones. Quantity may vary based on supply and demand.

Medical Marijuana in Colorado Springs

The herb Shoppe: West Side Colorado Springs MMJ Center.

Our medical marijuana center has a remarkable variety of cannabis starting at $25 per 1/8th.

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Check out our MMJ Strains

Herb Shoppe offers a wide selection of high-quality medical marijuana strains.

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mmj strains coal train mmj strains jack 47

mmj strains mango mmj strains maui wowie

mmj strains mtf mmj strains power africa

mmj skunk 1 mmj strains blue